Pastoral Council

 St. Matthew's Pastoral Council

St. Matthew's Pastoral Council serves as a consultative and advisory group to the pastor. The purpose of the Pastoral Council is foster full participation of the entire parish community in the life and mission of the Church.  Our council is made up of 9 members at large that serve a maximum of two 3 year terms and up to 3 youth representatives that serve one year terms and the Pastor and Parochial Vicar.

Members are chosen through an application and discernment process.  The council generally meets on the second Thursday of the month. The minutes of these meetings are published upon approval of the members.  Questions or concerns contact Leanne Perez or 951-454-4891.

Members of the Pastoral Council further the mission of the Church, assist in the work of the Parish, are representatives of parishioners, serve as liaisons with ministry leaders, support ongoing Faith formation, and advise the pastor.

 Current St. Matthew Pastoral Council 

Fr. Hieu Nguyen, S.V.D.

Fr. Hien Pham, S.V.D.
Parochial Vicar

 Silvia and her husband are both retired.  Silvia has nine grandchildren and is a retired pediatrics nurse.  Besides serving on the Pastoral Council she coordinates and takes care of all of our Altar Servers and is part of the Social Concerns Ministry.

Silvia Amaro
2018-2020, 1st Term


Erika Brambila
2019-2021, 2nd Term

Carlos de la Riva
2018-2020, 2nd Term

Maron Etienne
2017-2019, 1st Term

  John and his wife Jane have three children and three grandchildren.  They have been members of St. Matthew's since 1989.  John is a retired school administrator and history teacher.  At St. Matthew's, he is involved as a Reader, Usher, Pastoral Council member and helps with the parish website.   John likes to travel, swim, read and work on family history.  John is a Cubs and Packers fan.  His favorite food are donuts and Italian food (not together though).

John Farr
2018-2020, 1st Term

  Pam Fisher and her husband Ken have been members of the parish since 1986.  With their children now grown and married, they are enjoying retirement together.  Pam looks forward to every moment she can spend with her two grandsons and feels blessed to be able to pass along her faith and legacy to them.  She enjoys dark chocolate and good red wine, (especially in combination together).  She thanks God for the community of St. Matthew Church, which has provided support and encouragement during the tough times that life can bring and fun and laughter the rest of the time.
Pam Fischer
2017-2019, 1st Term

  Catherine and her husband, Dave, have 2 kids, Emily and Drew.  They have been members of St. Matthew's since 1993 but her grandfather helped build the original church so she has been familiar with St. Matthew's her whole life.  Catherine currently works as a customer service representative in the world of corporate insurance.  At St. Matthew's, she is involved as a Commentator, Pastoral Council member and can be seen volunteering at various church activities.   Catherine likes outdoor activities, reading and the beach but takes the most joy in being a mom to two active teens!
Catherine Heaston
2018-2020, 1st Term


Matthew Le
2016-2019, 2nd Term

Leanne Perez
2018-2021, 2nd Term

Joel Rodriguez
2018-2020, 1st Term

Adrian Valdivia
2018-2020, 1st Term