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Pastoral Council Needs You!

The St. Matthew Pastoral Council is seeking new members to serve the Church.  Candidates must be 18 years or older, confirmed and a practicing member of the parish.  The role of the Pastoral Council is to act as a representative voice of the people of the Parish to the Pastor and provide an open and honest forum of communication and dialogue regarding Parish affairs.  Applications are on this website or call 951-737-1621 for more information.

Riverside Hospice Companion Connection
is a program specifically for the isolated and frail elderly who are in need of assistance and companionship. You could be the link to the outside world by visiting them once or twice a week for an hour.

If you would be willing to be a Companion for someone, please call 909-274-0710.

Free Naturalization and Citizenship Services for Riverside/San Bernardino County Residents
Exercise your rights by becoming a U.S. Citizen. Catholic Charities can assist. You MUST call us to obtain more information or to register at 909-388-1243 Ext. 300. You ONLY pay Immigration's filing fee!

Learn to Teach Citizenship Classes

Catholic Charities is hosting Citizenship Instructor Classes
Do you speak, read, and write English?

Do you have a passion for teaching? If so give us a call.  We are seeking volunteers who are available for the following commitment:
9 hours of training.
Weekly classes for 5 week courses. To register call Catholic Charities at 909-388-1239 or email at

Sunday Catholic TV Mass
Channel 56
9:00 a.m., Sunday Also available on cable/satellite TV. Check listing for "KDOC"
For a free copy of the TV Mass Prayer Book, write to:
Heart of the Nation
1126 S. 70th St. Suite N601
Milwaukee, WI 53214
or Call: 800-430-0930

Anointing of the Sick
The Gospels show us that Christ cured the sick and brought them to their feet by the laying-on of hands. This tangible sign of healing is available to us throughout our lives. It is not necessary to wait until the last moment before asking for anointing; a serious illness, any major operation, or simply the on set of old age, are reason enough to receive this sacrament in faith. When a person has been anointed within a few months of becoming gravely ill, it is not necessary to be anointed again as the person is dying. Please notify the parish office so a visit can be arranged 951-7371621.

Catholic School Enrollment
St. Edward School in Corona is now accepting enrollment for the school year.

Founded in 1947, St. Edward School is an outstanding Catholic elementary school grades K through 8.  Kindergarten registrants must be 5 years old before September 2nd.  St. Edward School has a pre-school program and offers extended care before and after school.

Please contact St. Edward's office at 951-737-2530 for more information and to receive registration information.

Please visit the St. Edward website for information.  St. Edward Catholic School Website

Notre Dame Catholic High School

Located in Riverside, Notre Dame High School is an outstanding school with has a long proud history of educating Catholic youth. 96% of Notre Dame graduates go to college, for more information please visit the  Notre Dame Webpage   Notre Dame Office 951-275-5896.  


A Message from the Diocese of San Bernardino and The State Bar of California - The diocese of San Bernardino is working with the State Bar of California in an effort to protect our parishioners and local immigration communities from fraudulent and predatory immigration and naturalization service offerings tied to federal immigration Reform. "Please be aware that at this time there is no immigration Reform. Do not give your hard-earned money to a lawyer, notary public, or anyone for this purpose. It is against the law for them to take money for Immigration Reform because id does not exist at this time."  If you have given money to a lawyer or notary public, please report them to The State Bar of California and we will work to get your money back. You can file a report by calling toll free 1-865-879-4532 or visit us at

The Poor
As Christians, we hear a lot about the witness and service that we are called to render to the poor among us. However, the poor also have a witness and a service to render to us. The openness and generosity of many of those who are poor, even in the midst of their own poverty, bear witness to the fact that, ultimately, we can depend only on God. Giving one's all witnesses that God will give all to anyone who trusts in divine goodness.

The poor or disadvantaged also serve. They serve judgement on our individual and corporate ways of acting. If people are sleeping in our streets, that is a judgement on our priorities regarding others. At the same time, the poor can act as mediators of salvation. When they care for others they can redeem our indifference and insensitivity, lead us to care as well, and save us from ourselves.

Catholic Charities and the Office Justice for Immigrants are looking for volunteers to help provide services to immigrant families when Comprehensive Immigration Reform becomes law.
Do you have the time and interest to help us provide accurate information and services to local families and individuals throughout the diocese?

You are invited to attend one informational meeting for interested volunteers. Meetings will be held throughout the summer. To register for an informational meeting in your vicarate, please contact:
Simona Botezatu
909-388-1243 x336
or email

Classes, Retreats and Workshops offered at Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside.  For more information check out  Mission San Luis Rey Retreats

Catholic Charities Assists With Calfresh Food Benefits
and Medical Health Insurance
Did you know that a family of four with an income under approximately $2400 per month may be eligible for food assistance? There are thousands of eligible people in our diocese who are not receiving Calfresh Food Benefits (formerly known as food stamps). The maximum food benefit is $668 per month based on household size, income and expenses. Calfresh benefits are available on EBT cards and can provide significant relief to a family's food budget. Catholic Charities staff can assist with screening eligibility and Calfresh applications. Catholic Charities is also offering free assistance to apply for medical health insurance, such as Healthy Kids and MediCal insurance applications.  Call 909-388-1239 for more information.

Marriage Encounter

Do you want to rediscover the person you fell in love with? Then a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend can provide the atmosphere for this.  The Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is designed for couples with good marriages who want to grow in their relationship.  For more information call Robert and Denise Borruel at 951-653-7905.

Healing With Hope
Grief Survival Series
What is grief and why is it so hard?
Healthy grieving
Enjoy your life in spite of your grief
And more
Tuesdays - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Riverside Community Hospital
Administrative Conference Room
This requires an 8 week commitment to RSVP or for more information call 951-788-3590.

Founded in 1979, the Lestonnac Free Clinic is a non profit FREE Medical and Dental Clinic providing comprehensive primary medical and dental services at no chargte to the uninsured, medically indigent and those who do not qualify under any third party programs.

We are in NEED of Volunteer Medical Doctors/Providers to staff our 2 room mobile unit which will be stationed at St. James Catholic Church in Perris.
The clinic will be open
10AM - 2PM on Fridays.

Please contact Ed Gerber, Executive Director, if you are interested in giving back to your community by sharing your gifts with those most in need.
714-633-4600 x235 or

"As you did it to one of the least of these my bretheren, you did it to me."

How Safe is the Internet for Our Kids?

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has many resources to help you answer your questions and also set up filters and guidelines for internet connections for children and youth. Check out

To find more information on the web go to Teach internet safety. Other resource examples for parents can be found at Read or search their library. Here are some of the topics found in their library:

What are some chat room, internet & email safety tips I can share with my child?
What can I do to keep my child safer while using instant messaging (IM) services?
What are the risks of using webcams and Video/Photo sharing?
A classmate put videos on YouTube with my daughter's full name. What can I do?
What should I do if I think my child is talking to a predator online?
Ask an expert on-line or call 1-888-nets411.

Immunization Available at Riverside County's Family Care Centers

Corona Family Care Center
505 S. Buena Vista Ave.
Corona, CA 92882

Riverside Neighborhood Health Center
7140 Indiana Ave.
Riverside, CA 92504

No Appointments necessary for immunizations.
For more information call 1-800-720-9553.

Volunteers Needed for Jail Ministry
"When I was in prison, you visited me." (Mt. 25:36)
County Jails are now housing more inmates due to the State Prison realignment, which was ordered to reduce overcrowding. What are we doing as Christians to help touch the lives of these young people and adults, who are serving time in facilities near to our parishes and who will be eventually returning to our neighborhoods and churches? Pope Francis has challenged us directly to minister to the incarcerated and has led by example. Currently we have a need for Catholic Volunteers to help facilitate Liturgies of the Word and/or faith sharing groups at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside. For more information or to sign up for this important ministry, men should contact Bob Ferret at 951-205-2209 and women should contact Virginia Corridi at 714-813-2802.


Retail with a Mission...
Donate, Shop and support
the building mission of
Habitat for Humanity, Riverside

Habitat for Humanity
Riverside ReStore
Store: 951-787-6754 x113
Donations: 951-787-6754 x114
2180 Iowa Ave.
Riverside, Ca. 92507

Visit us @
Follow us @
Shop us @

(purchases are made in store only)

Social Concerns
Did you know that there are more than 49 million Americans living in poverty?

OPTION FOR THE POOR AND VULNERABLE is one of the main principles in Catholic Social Doctrine.

The purpose behind it is to enable the poor to become active participants in the life of society.

It is not an adversarial slogan that pits one group against another. Rather it states that the deprivation and powerlessness of the poor wounds the whole community. The extent of their suffering is a measure of how far we are from being a true community of persons. These wounds will be healed only by greater solidarity with the poor and among the poor themselves.


Donate Your Old Car Help the Needy

Receive a Tax Deduction of $500+

Cars for Help, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity, is working to strengthen individual churches and various Catholic charities through vehicle donations. The process is fast, easy and requires just a phone call or visit to our website. If you would like to donate a vehicle in any condition, even severely broken or crashed , or just have questions, please call us at 630-595-9272 or with mention St. Matthew Church Corona and 50% of your vehicle donation proceeds will go directly to Saint Matthew Church.