The Rite of Christian Burial

It is only human to feel sorrow at the loss of a loved one.  The St. Matthew Church community is here to help you during this time.  We have a bereavement ministry at St. Matthew's for this important purpose.  Whether your first contact is with the parish office (as we recommend) or one of our priests, or the mortuary, please know that we wish to help you through this period.  Whether you're an active parishioner or the the deceased was or neither, we are here to help.

Every Catholic, unless explicitly excluded by the norms of Canon Law, is entitled to the Rite of Christian Burial. It allows the family, friends and community to mourn their loss as well as provide hope in salvation through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Catholics, as well as all Christians do not look upon death as the end of life so much as the transition to and fulfillment of, God's promise of redemption and eternity in His divine presence.


Funeral plans can be a bit overwhelming, especially during such an emotional period. We will help as best we can while encouraging the family of the deceased to take an active part in the selection of music, readings and details important to them. In addition to the Funeral Mass, the full rite of Christian Funerals includes prayers at the time of death (if ministry is available), a vigil at the mortuary or the church, reception of the body at and for the Funeral Mass and final prayers at the gravesite.

These rites are permitted as well for non-Catholics of Catholic families, Catechumens, children who have not yet been baptized and those who have died prior to birth.

Please contact the parish office for more details, 951-737-1621.